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"I have high hopes, big dreams, and a passion for lifes most unexpected phenomenon." -Alexa Stringer

Hi Everyone!! My name is Alexa Stringer also known as "Alex" "Alexandra" "Alexa Nicole" and i'm a Singer-Songwriter from the San Francisco, Bay Area. I   grew a passion for music at the young age of 6. I have  continued to write and grow within my struggles through my early years working privately with a music coach in my hometown of Danville, CA. As you listen to my music you will notice it is all based around Addiction. I have faced many challenges in my life including admitting to my addiction with alcoholism. I could not go a day without a drink but now I can proudly say I am 4 1/2 years sober. I hope that and young adult that reads this can relate to me and learn a little early on that alcohol is not worth it and will eventually kill you. This sobriety thing has made me who I am today. I will never given up on my passion for music. I was so lucky to release my first single "Lucky I Am" in late 2009 followed by my first album "Addiction" in 2015. I got the motivation to write my album based on my previous struggles with alcohol. I maintain 4 years of sobriety and couldn't picture life any other way. I also battle day to day with Epilepsy, Seizures and have currently gone through two Brain Surgeries, most recently June 8th 2017.  "I just remind myself everyday of how strong I am and that in the end I'm going to win this fight. I've learned to cherish every moment I have and spend as much time as I can with friends and family. Sobriety has taught me to never give up on your dreams and if you continue to chase them, someday they will be made into reality." I never gives up hope and remain positive through it all.


Singer-Songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area.

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