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Happy New Year Everyone!

Hi Everyone! I am a little late on the New Years thing haha. Happy 2019! I am so glad its a new year! I am happy to finally put the past behind me. I rang in the new year this year with a last minute trip to Las Vegas. I flew out New Years eve, spent a week with a girlfriend and just enjoyed myself before coming home to a new job and a new year! I am so grateful for what God has blessed me with. I still struggle with a few things which I plan to tackle this year. Mainly just things I want to change within myself. I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a reason I am still alive on this earth today even with all of my 6 near deaths. I haven't accomplished my purpose here on earth yet. With that said I hope everyone had a wonderful and save New Years! Keep smiling and sending positive vibes. New projects are coming for me this year!

Yours Truly,

Alexa Stringer

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